Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yay new PA!

I'd just like to report that the Starbucks show went well, with just a few minor drawbacks. I started to lose my voice a little over an hour into my two hour set. When that starts to happen I have to really pay attention to my voice and how to control it so that I dont hit too may sour notes. Since I haven't played with the PA outside of my basement, setting levels in the coffee shop was interesting. Luckily I had someone there to help me with that, but my voice sounded muddled through out the show, something I will try and fix at the next one.
Every one that came to see me said I was sounding pretty good. It's good to have friends in the audience. I'm looking forward to the next show, which is coming up in about 3 weeks.

Other than that, things are ok. I'll be traveling to New York within the next week or two, hopefully we wont be working in sub-freezing temperatures like the last New York job....that sucked.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I was proud of my creative abilities on this one!

Yes, I'm still allive....

I have been meaning to blog, I really have, but things have been a little crazy. You should all thank Bobbie for poking me and getting me to write! Thanks Bobbie!

I'll give you a brief summary of the last few months:

After the show in Denver, I booked another show at a local Starbucks the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That show was cool because that was the first show my family had seen me perform live (they came up to Colorado for Thanksgiving).

About a week after that, I travelled for a job in New York- I think I was gone a littel over a week. i came back to Colorado for a few days then went to Texas for a job. After that, I came back to Colorado for a few days then left for Texas again to see my family for the holidays. I came back to Colorado and had one day to clean up before my college roommate came to visit. She was here for a week and we were both sick which was kind of funny. We went to a cool New Years Eve thing in down town Fort Collins where you could go see a bunch of different shows then there were fire works around 10pm ish. The event was non-alcoholic and ended early so people could move on to other parties. My favorite show was a Cirque-de-sole (sp?)type thing where they played with fire and did ribbon dancing. Very cool.
The day my old roommate left my girl ferret Fiona had to have surgery because she ate foam and had an intestinal blockage. That wasn't fun. I was really exhausted from the stress of Fiona's surgery and being sick and the traveling for the next week or two.
In mid-November, my friend and I drove down to Phoenix, AZ to meet my parents and some of their friends for a rock hounding adventure. My dad really really likes green and blue rocks. He picked up a ton of them. My parents didn't check any bags, so I got to take all the rocks home in the Jeep and ship the rocks back to my parents. One box contained a 23 lb rock.
It was neat to share one of my hobbies with my parents and be outdoors with them. Normally when I go home we just sit around and they watch movies and TV and stuff. I normally find something else to do. It's not exactly quality time.
My parents are planning to come up to Colorado for a rock hounding trip in August or September which I'm looking forward to. We also talked about going to Nevada which has a lot of Turquoise which my dad really really likes.
After coming back from Arizona I wasn't in a good place. I was homesick after spending time with my old roommate and my parents, and I had no energy or motivation to do anything. The anxiety which I had effectivly dealt with through counsseling while completeing my Master's was starting to return.
Around that time I decided that maybe I should start seeing a counselor again for a few reasons:

One- to deal with the anxiety that was creeping back into my life

Two- I wasn't adjusting to the move as well as I thought. I told myself- oh I'll start doing _____ again when my schedule levels out. You know what I realized? My schedule won't ever level out due to my wierd travel shedule, which is fine, I just need to find a way to deal with it

Three- I have lost my "connection" to the universe. I would have a hard time explaining exactly what that is, but I am unplugged and unhappy about it

Four- I feel like I dont have anyone to talk to here, and so I keep a ton of things bottled up that I shouldn't. I know that I could call several people back in Texas, which can be helpful sometimes, but it's very different than having someone you can talk to in person

After the first counseling session, I went to Missouri for a job. The weather was freaking miserable. The only thing that shuts our work down is lightning. There was a lightning storm on the first day that caused us to only complete two surveys. The next day, we had to do four surveys in a 14 hour day, which included such annoyances as our trailer locks being frozen shut, snow, and general grumpiness.

I got back from Missouri two days ago.

This morning, I booked a show at Starbucks for next Saturday. I went to Office Max to get some card stock for flyer printing later today. I installed drivers for my scanner so that it will work with Windows Vista (hopefully, haven't tried to run the scanner yet). In about half an hour I'm meeting a friend for lunch at Raising Canes Chicken- mostly beacuse it reminds my of when my old roommate and I would go eat there.

It times to make new memories with the people and places here in Colorado. Although I think fondly of my time in Nacogdoches, I need to stop living in those memories.

I'm healing myself through action and self-appreciation, and I'll be fine.

I didn't spend any time checking this blog for spelling or grammar errors, please excuse them.

Love to you all!


(Thanks again Bobbie :p)