Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the failed housing bill.....

When I got up this morning I read an artical about how the House wouldn't pass the housing bill, and then the stock market took a nearly 7% dive.
I was reading along sort of detached until I read this in the artical:

~Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., offered a typical sentiment. "I cannot with good conscience put Nevada's taxpayers on the hook for the foolish excesses of Wall Street," he said. "Congress should pass legislation that protects the taxpayer, assists with bad assets and allows the market to correct itself."~

I identify with that statement...and after reading it, I became rather annoyed with what's going on.

I personally have nothing to do with the economy being weak that I can think of. Why should I have to pay for the mistake of Wall Street, the government, or who ever else was irresponisble the the countries financial resources?

I will readily admit I don't know much about the countries finances, and maybe if I did I'd be all for the bailout....but you know what this feels like? Doing group work in a class where I was the one getting stuck doing all the work. And it's not just me....all you other tax payers are getting stuck doing all the work too.

I'm done with that topic....here's another:

The power of thought and the media:

In many New Age/Metaphysical paths, one can cause changes to occur through the power of thought. This can be in the form of spells, positive thinking, even prayers- they all have the same root.
What do you see on the news most of the time? Something bad, and that something bad is usually sensationalized.
I have stopped watching the news, but lets say you, like many other Americans, watch it everyday. Everday in recent weeks, you hear about the stock market and how unstable the economy is. If that's all you hear, perhaps you start to believe, and then to worry. If most people in this nation believe that the stock market/economy will crash, then, through the power of thought, it probably will.
Lets talk about action for a second...action follows thought- if you think something bad will happen, you will probably prepare for the worst. Kind of like preparing for a hurricane coming close to where you live. I'm thinking it kind of works the same with a slow economy that is predicted to get worse.

That being said, what if we all started thinking the stock market/economy will rebound? Action follows thought, so maybe we all start doing little things that help the economy. Maybe all those little things add up to big things and the change begins to happen.

I think I'm done venting in a rambling fashion....everything I said was based on opinion and things I have read.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slowing Down

I just got back from a job in Germany on Thursday afternoon. Since I've been back, I have felt like there are a thousand things to get done. I have developed a way of thinking recently which I'm not excited about.....when I get home from a job I have about 2 weeks to cram in as much stuff as possible, whether that be spending time with friends, cleaning the house, paying bills- whatever. Yesterday, I had a list in mind of things I wanted to accomplish before I left to go on a date with K. One of those things involved walking to the store and gettng some things.
The walk to and from the store was gorgeous! It was sunny and the temperature was perfect,and I thought to myself....I don't want to be stuck inside all day! I totally abandoned my list of things to do and left for K's place.
This morning I woke up around 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. The list of things that need ot be done popped back into my mind. Because I'm tired and lack the motivation to start cleaning and doing other things that need to be done, I thought what would happen if I didn't do any of the list today? What if I just enjoy the afternoon I have planned with a friend of mine?
I'm trying to figure out why, if I'm not doing something that 'needs' to be done, do I feel guilty about it?

I have decided this morning that for these few weeks I'm home I'm going to change how I do things. I'm not going to try and cram every little thing that 'needs'
to be done, and every activity that comes up into the time I'm at home.

I barely had a break before leaving for Germany, worked a ton of overtime before leaving for Germany, worked my ass off in Germany, and I think it's time I let myself off the hook a little.

That is the conclusion I have come to this morning.

I will post some road notes from TX and Germany later.