Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of all the things.....

So, my first paid gig is tonight in Denver. I went out to dinner last night and thought to myself "I'll just change the strings on my guitar real quick when I get home and go to sleep."

But then an argument ensued!
"I don't need to change the strings- they'll stay in tune better if I don't change them..."
"BUT...I haven't changed them in months....what if I break a string while I'm onstage?"
"Might as well leave everything alone...just go to sleep"

This went on for a while when the -whatifibreakastring- argument won out.

When I arrived home, I proceeded to change the strings on my acoustic guitar. When I got to the low A string, something bad happened.....I BROKE THE F***IN' TUNER PEG!!!!!!

Before I went to therapy, I would have literally freaked out.
However, the P.T. (post-therapy) version of me calmly called my musical friend R to see if he knew what to do. He did! He laughed at me, and I laughed too. I asked to borrow one of his guitars when it dawned on me (DUH) that I have 2 electric guitars to choose from down in my basement.

I made him listen to me while I rambled about the pro's and con's of image with an electric and sound difference with an electric. After determining that it really doesn't matter, I figured this would be a great story to tell the audience..." those of you that know me may wonder why I'm up here with an electric guitar....that's because I BROKE my other guitar last night changing strings- who does this happen to?!?!?" I imagine laughter will follow- this is how it works in my mind anyway.

In related news, all the people I have met that have bought tickets to my show are just utterly fabulous! They genuinely want to see me play and see me do well. I can't impart how encouraging that is or how much that means.

You know you missed it- here comes Stonecipher's random ramblings:

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago, you may have read about it, I was making a lot of excuses for things and wanted to change.

I went and talked to a bunch of coffee houses a week or two ago- I now have a gig next Saturday at a Starbucks in town. My parents will be here then- this will be the first time they have seen me perform my own music.

I ordered sound equipment for the Starbucks show AND future shows...frustration with learning the equipment will ensue.

This past Friday my landlord, who is an independent music promoter, called me around 5 and asked if I wanted to open for Jonathon Edwards at the Rialto Theater in town. Of course I said yes! I played a 20 minute opening set then rushed up to Fort Collins for a meetup event that I kind of pushed aside to sell tickets to my concert tonight.

There are so many signs telling me that I need to be playing music...I'm listening.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Random II

Welllllll...where to start?

The past two weeks have been crazy busy. I was pretty dang exhausted by the time I got back from Nacogdoches. I mistakenly thought I'd have some time to relax when I returned- it was not the case.
This week promises to be interseting- I had a wine induced conversation on Saturday night that made me realize that I had been making alot of excuses for not doing things. It's amazing how when you have dialouges with yourself you can rationalize ANYTHING and you don't even realize it. It was not until I was questioned about my lack of action that I woke up (this is funny because I fell asleep directly after the conversation).

One of the things I was making excuses for was my music. I had nearly decided to let music go to the background(again)when I really thought about things yesterday.

Writing and playing my own songs is something I have been working towards for 10 years now. I came to the conclusion that I'm a little bit afraid of my music, that it will be consuming and take over everything. Isn't that how good music comes about though?

I have not been writing much since I moved, and I didn't like the open mic I was playing at and I suppose I was discouraged by those things. I let those things become my excuse for not fighting for my art. Normally if I'm not happy with something I will take steps to change it- I attribute my inactivity in this matter to fear.

After I thought about everything that I have been making excuses for and distilled my reasons for inactivity, I found that in every instance that fear was the root cause- fear of consumption, fear of disappointing someone, fear of inadequacy...and I decided I don't want to be someone who is afraid. Fear can inhibit and destroy so much, do I have time to live my life with fear holding me back? I think not.

It was a revelation of sorts.

The first step in changing my reality- tonight I went to 4 or 5 coffee houses in town and asked if I could play periodically. Most of the managers weren't there so I left my new very cool music business card (thanks Rose!) with the employees that were there- we'll see if I get some calls back.


I had decided on two very important things a few weeks ago, one being that I WILL climb a 14er (14,000 + ft mountain), the second is that I WILL leaern how to ride a motorcylce.

I went hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park with a friend on Saturday, and I realize that I have a long way to go before I can climb a 14er- I can't freaking breath while hiking up inclines! I just have to get used to the elevation and I should be fine- I have great leg strength thanks to roller derby!


It was dark by the time I left work today- that makes me sad:(


I have a friend coming over tomorrow to play some music- I'm excited! We always have a lot of fun together and I could use some creative encouragment.


I feel like something is going to happen soon, like when you wait for the next thunder clap during a storm- you know the thunder will come you just don't know when. In this case, I don't know when or what my thunder will be......

That's probably enough random babbling for now!