Saturday, August 23, 2008

Notes from the road: St. Louis, MO

I am behind on road notes!

I flew to MO August 3rd I believe, and flew out August 6th.
The first night we were there we went to a modern/fusion restaurant where we ordered about 10 different plates of food and they were all small and came out at different times. We all shared everything. It was interesting, but not very filling. I saw the arch that night, but didn't get a picture:(

This job would have been flawless had in not been 112 with the heat index the first day we worked. I have worked in weather like that before, but when I did I had also lived in that sort of weather for years. For a little over a year now, I have been living in a dry climate...I'm not used to the humidity anymore. It was so still and opressive at times it was difficult to breath.

That day was my bosses birthday. It wasn't very festive, we were all pretty zombie like at dinner. Luckily, my boss got a real celbration about 2 weeks after his real birthday at home.

The next day was cooler, and we got drizzled on the entire 4 hours we worked. My shoes and socks got soaked :/ Luckily we weren't working a whole day or my feet would have had more blisters than I could count!

After working that half day my boss and I flew back to Denver. Or, we tried anyway. There were bad storms around the Denver airpoirt so we landed in Colorado Springs to refuel. We sat in the Springs for about 2 hours waiting for the weather to clear up. We got back 3-4 hours after we had originally planned....I think my boss dropped me off at my house around midnight. We had both been up since about 5:30 am that morning so we were both exhausted. I babbled the entire way home because I was trying to keep both of us awake.

I was about to say that was it....but wait!

I started brining cold packs on the jobs I go one so that if I pull something I have a way to relieve some pain. So, upon entering my hotel room and unpacking a bit, I grabbed my cold pack and went to the little fridge. I opened the little door to the freezer, and saw a big blue mound. I started to pull the mound out, but it was sort of frozen to the freezer compartment. It took a few seconds, but I finally pried the blue mound from the icy grip of the freezer. To get a better look, I threw the blue mound on the counter by the sink. And that's when I realized.....the blue mound that I had been manhandeling was a pair of boxers!

I promptly threw the boxers in the trash, then washed my hands (but not before I got a picture!).

The next day I was walking around in the room and kicked turneed out to be a little 8 ball that was about the size and weight of a ping pong ball- I kept that to eventually put in a geocache.

I think that is it for the notes on this job.

Hilarious.... egg-actly what I thought!

I am in Levelland, TX for work. At the moment, I am the only one of my crew that is here. Around dinner time I googled restaurants in town and decided on a japanese hibachi place by the walmart. They sat me at my very own hibachi table, where I read the news on my phone. About 10 minutes later, they sat 4 guys at the end of my hibachi table. They were speaking spanish to each other and didn't seem interested in conversing, so I kept reading the news on my phone.
The hibachi chef soon showed up and I put my phone away so I could enjoy the chefs antics. He started off flipping his spatula and fork around. The next thing he did was take an egg and toss it around with the spatula. I had seen this before...I knew at some point he was going to flip the egg into the hat he was wearing. Except, when he went to toss the egg in his hat, it bounced off the hat and landed on the counter right in front of one of the guys sitting at the table. The egg cracked on the counter, then slid into the guys lap. Everyone looked at each other stunned for a moment before we all erupted in laughter.
It was freaking hilarious!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

generic drugs sometimes aren't worth the discount

I have been pretty emotional for the last several weeks. I thought it may just be all the traveling and being tired and what not, but then I started wondering if it had something to do with the generic birth control I started taking. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I thought the generic bc was messing with me, and he told me that generic forms of drugs DO NOT have to be the exact same as the name brand drugs. He also mentioned that it doesn't take much of a change in drug levels to effect the endocrine system. I hadn't really thought about it for a week or two until today where I had a teary emotional outburst. I just googled Ocella (generic bc)and this is what I found:!thdchild=.89a1e9db

Apparently, there are quite a few women out there that have been having very noticable side effects from Ocella. I have definitely been more emotional, have had fairly regular headaches (I almost NEVER have headaches!), and I have noticed a slight increases in my appetite.

I think I will be switching back to Yasmin (brand name bc) the next go around, even though I will no longer be saving $15. $15 isn't worth all the side effects.

I was originally going to write about how I think that I have some abandonment issues, but I'm know begininng to think that the only reason I started to think that was because of my messed up horomones. Yay.