Sunday, October 25, 2009

Questioning main stream relationship crap

I went to a halloween party last night. I got lots of comments on my headdress, which was two cornicopias zip tied together (will post pic at a later date).

One person was telling me how creative it was. Later he told me I'd be a great mom, to which I replied, if I choose to have children.

This started a whole conversation about relationships and children. The people I was talking were older, have been married decades, and have children.

They assured me that there was someone out there for me after I mentioned to them, more than once, that I wasn't concerned by that fact I hadn't met any one yet.

Granted, there have been many times where I have lamented not finding 'the one', but now is defintiely not one of those times.

Actually, when going through the paperwork for my house, I thought about how awesome it was that I didn't need anyone else to sign papers with me- I don't a second set of initials!

I'm in a very self-centered stage of my life right now...I'm glad I dont have to take someone else into consideration when I'm doing things, or thinking about doing them.

I see this stage as a very necessary defining of who I want to be moving forward and what things I will allow in my life. To me, this is a really healty, responisble thing to do.

I think it's a little sad that there is so much emphasis placed on being in a couple.

Frankly, being single effin' rocks right now!!!

I'm sure in the future I will change my mind about that, but currently it is good.

This is not a well developed post, but wanted to have something down so I could remember and ponder further in the future.