Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm going back to Nac!

Here's a heads up for all of you in Nacogdoches- I will be in town from October 26th to October 29th!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ghost hunt

One of the meetup groups I'm in is a paranormal group. In order to keep my mind off of ferret surgery last Saturday, I went on a ghost hunt with the group. We took some EVP recordings and photos. One of the girls I was walking with got a good sound clip, which I will try and see if I can post. Overall, it was very intersting.
The first picture is of the 'man in the wall' Apparently the outline of the man has been painted over several times, but keeps appearing.
The second picture is of the first 'orb' I caught. The area along the railroad tracks is called the hobo trail because hobos would walk the tracks during the depression.
The third picture is by the old grain and feed building where lots of people good pictures of orbs, and at least 2 EVPS were caught and you can go listen to them here: www.paranormal.meetup.com/400/files
There's lots of history in downtown loveland, and apparently tons of paranormal activity!

Dealing with Ferret Surgery

I have known for a month or so now that my ferret Egan needed surgery. I finally went and had it done on Friday the 28th of September. The doctors were sure that he had adrenal disease, which was causing Egan to lose his hair, and the also suspected insulinoma, which is cancerous tumors on the pancreas.
When the surgeons went in, they removed Egans left adrenal gland, the left lobe of his pancreas, several noduals off the right lobe of his pancreas, an intestinal lymph node which they will biopsy, and they also biopsied some spots on his liver!
I was expecting to pick him up Saturday morning, but apparently my poor boy had vomitted and had diarrhea that night and when the doctors ran blood tests they found that Egan's red blood cell count was low which indicated some sort on internal bleeding. They figured that he had some stomach ulcers that were bleeding and that's what induced the vommiting.
Luckily the place I took him to was a teaching hospital and the have people there all the time, so I was able to visit him Friday after the surgery and Saturday morning. Sunday morning I was able to pick Egan up and take him home. He slept a ton until about Tuesday, now he is more active. The poor baby is on so many meditions- I feel bad about waking him up every few hours to medicate him.
I have been home alot lately because I have to medicate Egan at 7am, 3pm, 7pm, and 11pm. I come home from work everyday to administer his Sulcrafate, which he normally spits on me, then I go back to work covered in ferret medicine.
I have to keep Egan in a 55 gallon rubbermaid tub for another week and a half to minimize his movement- don't want his stitches to get ripped out. I'm under strict instructions to keep him in his tub, which is ok for now because he still sleeps alot, but next week may be a little harder on both of us.
I was a little bit of a wreck before, during, and just after his surgery. Overall, I think I handled the whole thing pretty well. I'm pretty worn out though- I've been staying up later than normal to administer the 11pm meds- and I generally stay up after that to take care of some things. I'm guessing it's less sleep+worrying that has me all worn out.
I guess that's all about that. He's doing great now- he's eating like a pig and pooping all over his tub!